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The Orville Season 1
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The series shows a near future in the 25th century, where the planet Earth is part of the inter-planetary Union, which contains a fleet of 3000 ships. To complete a huge fleet, all possible commanders were needed, and the main character Ed Mercer entered in their number. He dreamed of this opportunity since childhood, and this is his last chance to prove to his superiors that he is not hopeless. After the divorce, the hero plans to start a new life and go to explore the cosmos. His first assistant on Orville's ship is not Spock or even Vulcan, but his ex-wife Kelly. This turn of events makes it clear that the journey will be fascinating with a lot of comedy situations.

Episodes: 1-12 of 12 full added 12 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Drama
Duration: ~ 00: 46: 00

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The atmosphere gave people the opportunity to breathe and live on the planet. However, active activities and the increase in the number of mankind led to menacing consequences. It requires global expansion into distant space. It is necessary to find extraterrestrial highly developed civilizations in order to exchange technologies. The Orville Season 1 Torrent Part of the population can be relocated to a new planet, if such are found during the expedition. In the 25th century, if you're going online for free all series, Earth is in the Independent Planetary Union. The research mission prepares intelligent races together. The creation of the newest intergalactic starship The Orville Season 1 Torrent became a common victory.

The special commission began to select the crew. A preference was given to a professional astronaut who had recently experienced a personal drama. After a divorce from his wife Ed Mercer in every possible way tried to prove himself in the service. The research mission will make it possible to forget about previous problems. The Orville Season 1 Torrent Ed becomes captain of an intergalactic vessel. Unexpected career growth gives confidence to a man. Euphoria quickly passes when the hero met his deputy. The Orville Season 1 Torrent This position was given to the ex-wife of Mercer. The Orville Season 1 Torrent During the flight there are many comical situations on board due to the contradictions of the characters ...

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On Earth, the inhabitants became bored. The Orville Season 1 Torrent Everything seems to be explored, discovered, established. What else can you do in the atmosphere of such a thoroughly studied planet? Viewers see how the characters of history have exhausted their resources of love for this world. The Orville Season 1 Torrent It is on this occasion that the earthmen began to direct their views toward other cosmic bodies. And the closer it is possible to consider all the planets, the brighter the desire of all who live on Earth, to go beyond it. A detailed and thorough acquaintance with the cosmos is the goal of the inhabitants of our planet, set for the near future.

The search for civilizations, whose level of development substantially exceeds that established on Earth, becomes, in the literal sense, an obsession. A high degree of development of other societies and formations is possible with the condition that other forms of life exist, as our researchers see the model of the cosmic mind and its private representatives. Among the numerous tasks there is the idea of ​​exchanging various technologies with representatives of other worlds in the universe. The cosmic space in this case will develop rapidly. The Orville Season 1 Torrent The idea is simple and understandable. The Orville Season 1 Torrent But it is not too easy to introduce it into reality, as there are many obstacles to the solution of this problem.

The researchers decided to take control of the situation on other planets. Inspection and analysis of the situation are the primary actions that are planned to be done. It was already the twenty-fifth century. After this stage, our planet is part of the union of several planets. In this cosmic ensemble there is a place for numerous beautiful races. The Orville Season 1 Torrent But the human race is still too young to boast of its successes. Only small victories - that's what the inhabitants of the Earth can bring to other representatives. Ahead of us waiting for the next mission, the fulfillment of which and decides the fate of the human race among the like. The Orville Season 1 Torrent People design and implement a project of a spaceship with the name "Orville".

The Orville Season 1 Torrent The central figure in history will be a certain Mercer. He is a professional in the field of astrology. Behind this specialist is not only an ideal theory, but also the successful application of knowledge in practice. The Orville Season 1 Torrent But if we talk about the career of this man, then we can say that it does not turn out to be very flawless. The pilot is forced to endure a tragedy over the severance of relations with his wife, but at the same time he masterfully demonstrates to his superiors, which is ideal for performing a complex space mission.

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